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Enscape + Revit Integration

An Optimized Design & Review Workflow

Date: 14th August 2020

Time: 1500-1630 (100mins)

Early Bird $20+/pax

Regular $25+/pax

Enscape & Revit Integration.jpg

Enscape speeds up your BIM workflow to lightning speeds. Thanks to a real-time link

(as a plugin for Revit, all design updates are live) and super-fast rendering times.

Enscape boasts a growing asset library - animated trees, vehicles and humans. Create renderings for both design coordination and presentation in an instant; ultra-fast video walkthroughs; immersive experience in one click using the VR function.

Enscape also works as a coordination tool – apart from the live update, it now features a Collaborative annotation function which enables users to incorporate, mark up issues, and relay back to Revit via the BCFier plugin.

Accelerate your design process – Learn Enscape today.


Fundamental knowledge of Revit


Trainer Profile

Celes Geronimo Jr

Visualization Expert

Chief Organizer

Im Arch Asia 2019


Licensed Architect – PRC no. 14059

In this session, we will be covering the followings:

  • Introduction - Enscape Essential

    • Installation

    • Features - Images / Video / VR / Coordination

    • Samples

    • Revit prerequisites - Navigation / 3D View creation / Material Settings

    • Quixel Megascans

  • The Enscape Window

    • Start​

    • Navigation Controls

    • Choosing Views

  • General Settings

  • Visual Settings

  • Lighting & Materials

    • Modifying Default Revit Libraries​

    • Adjusting Sun Settings

    • Artificial Lighting

  • Using Enscape Assests (Trees/People/etc)

  • Rendering Image

  • Creating Video Walkthroughs

    • Key-framing​

    • Camera Adjustments

    • Saving and Loading Camera Paths

    • Rendering Video

  • Exporting to VR / Standalone .Exe File

  • Collaboration Tools

    • Collaboration Settings​

    • Marking Up Issues

    • Exporting Issues to BCF

  • Discussion & Q&A

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