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Enscape + Revit Integration

An Optimized Design & Review Workflow

Enscape speeds up your BIM workflow to lightning speeds. Thanks to a real-time link (as a plugin for Revit, all design updates are live) and super-fast rendering times.

Enscape boasts a growing asset library - animated trees, vehicles and humans. Create renderings for both design coordination and presentation in an instant; ultra-fast video walkthroughs; immersive experience in one click using the VR function.

Enscape also works as a coordination tool – apart from the live update, it now features a Collaborative annotation function which enables users to incorporate, mark up issues, and relay back to Revit via the BCFier plugin.

Accelerate your design process – Learn Enscape today.


Trainer: Celes Geronimo Jr


Decoding Industry 4.0 & Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD)

As Industry 4.0 focuses on end to end digitization and integration of solutions, this revolution changes how our physical environment is designed, built, maintained and even how they will be subsequently be used. 

In this session, the followings were covered:

  • Fourth Industrial Revolution and Why Should We Be Bothered?

  • What is Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD)

  • A Hyper Immersive Reality - Build & Deploy Technologies from the Start

  • Discussion & Q&A

Speaker: Cheong Wan Ying

Panelists: Jin Sung & Gerard Teo

Automate with Dynamo.jpg

Productivity in Revit with


Often find your team and/or yourself executing repetitive task at work in relation to drafting/modelling, data entry or coordination in your day to day work while using Revit?


Have you thought about whether is there a better way out there? An application or a plug-in?

In this session, the followings were covered:

  • Save Time & Improve Productivity in Revit with Automation

  • What is Dynamo?

  • Why You Should be Using Dynamo?

  • A Friendlier Interface: Dynamo Player

  • Top 5 Mundane Task to Automate with Dynamo / Dynamo Player

  • Discussion & Q&A

Speaker: Edmond Hooi & Zaw Min Oo

Panelists: Gerard Teo

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