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Enforcing Safe Distancing with Proper Space Planning

Taken from Autodesk

Social distancing is one of the practices of the “new normal” in our workplace and public places. Question is, how can we incorporate this practice into our design work? This webinar session will cover those tools for design and analysis. One of which is Mobility Simulation, it is a multi-modal mobility simulation engine for InfraWorks. And Generative Design for Revit, which can quickly generate design alternatives based on your goals, constraints, and inputs. Both of these tools can give you higher-performing options for data-driven decision making.

In this one-hour session, they will cover the latest tools for design and analysis for planning layouts and people's movement. Key Learnings:

• Defining a study area in-canvass in Revit and Infraworks

• Sending your study to Generative Design for Revit and Mobility Simulation

• Understanding available parameters and generating results

• Creating family instances in Revit from results selected in Generative Design

• Creating animations in Mobility Simulation.

Solutions: InfraWorks and Dynamo

Free feel to sign up for their webinar here.


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